Mainly, the company operates into the district, but if necessary, it extends its  interests throughout the Region.

For each work, depending on the work to be performed, the company has some operating units, consisting in workers, both skilled and unskilled workers, as well as adequate resources.
The organization is very flexible and capable of adapting to any demand, public and / or private.

 The Operamolla Construction Company sas, in addition to normal tools, has a fleet of industrial equipment enabling it to make independently even complex contracts.

The areas of activity are:
Works for public and private construction and maintenance of water and sewerage networks, and methane gas, construction and reclaimed land works, excavation and earthmoving.
ABCDEFG letters plants, according to the 46/96 law: electrical, radio-television, heating and air conditioning, hydro-sanitary, transport and the use of gas, lifting of things and people, and fire protection.